Foster Care

El Paso County Department of Human Services (DHS) is looking for families interested in making a tremendous impact. El Paso County has the highest number of youth in need of supportive and stable homes from which to launch into adulthood.

El Paso County DHS licenses a select number of specialized foster homes to meet the needs of older youth who require an extra layer of support and services. Foster parents who work directly with El Paso County receive a high level of support from a designated support worker as well as the youth’s caseworker.

El Paso County DHS is uniquely positioned to use creative solution-finding and front-loaded supports in order to enhance the placement experience for the provider and the youth, whether the youth returns home, to a relative, or achieves permanency with a family who responded to the need in our community.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Children, Youth and Family Services (CYFS) Assistant Manager Jenni Swogger at (719) 444-5515 or email at

Child Placement Agencies

El Paso County Department of Human Services contracts with Child Placement Agencies that provide placement for foster care, group home care, treatment or adoption for county children. The Child Placement Agencies, or CPAs, handle training, support and recruiting.

Make a Difference

Foster and adoptive families truly change the lives of children in our community. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent in El Paso County, please contact the County or one of the agencies listed below.

Bethany logoBethany Christian Services is a non-profit agency providing services in Colorado for over 25 years. Bethany Colorado is part of a global organization which has a heart for children and has been equipping families for over 70 years to be the answer for children in need. Bethany’s staff members are committed to serving families every step of the way by providing initial and ongoing training, guiding families through the licensing process, and personally walking alongside foster families as they care for children. Each foster family has a Home Supervisor from Bethany who works diligently to find a great placement fit for the family and for the child or children. The Home Supervisor nurtures an ongoing and supportive relationship with the foster family, with regular face-to-face visits, encouragement, advocacy and resources. Bethany invests in foster families and values their contributions. Serving children from newborn to 18-years-old, Bethany foster families are licensed for both foster care and adoption.

Bethany Christian Services

Address: 4820 Rusina Road, Suite B, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Phone: (719) 591-7595


Fax: (719) 598-3204

Courage Community Foster Care logo

Definition of Courage: Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty- c.1300, from the French word, Coeur, meaning “heart”, which remains a common metaphor for inner strength.

After working in foster care for a decade, Kerri Hankin started Courage Community Foster Care. “I am passionate about working with foster families to help alleviate the suffering of children in our county. I believe that is best achieved by keeping services very small in scope, and by offering the most comprehensive education on brain development and trauma-informed care. Our results speak for themselves; we serve over forty children per year and have, on average, a 14 percent disruption rate.”

In commitment to these principles, Kerri Hankin certifies only a handful of families who are open to developing their understanding of the children and families, so that together, it provides an optimal environment for healing. Kerri Hankin only works with a few families at a time, with people who share the Courage world view. She is happy to talk about foster care, and welcomes questions! If you are ready to become part of a foster care revolution, please contact: Kerri Hankin, MSW, at the phone number and email below.

Courage Community Foster Care

Address: P.O. Box 262, Cascade, CO 80809


Phone: (719) 321-4319

Fax: (719) 466-2046

Dungarvin logoDungarvin was established in 1975 and provides services nationally. Dungarvin Colorado specializes in therapeutic foster homes, providing foster care to children ages 0 to 21. The CPA assists potential providers through the licensing process. Dungarvin focuses on making a good match for the provider and the child or children. Dungarvin staff have expertise in serving people with diverse needs, and provides extensive training for foster care providers including medication administration and crisis intervention. The CPA offers individualized training opportunities, 24/7 crisis intervention and monthly support groups. For additional information on how to become part of the Dungarvin family, please contact MaryAnne Cooper at or (719) 632-5205, ext. 4247.

Dungarvin Colorado

Address: 805 N Murray Blvd. #201, Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Phone: (719) 632-5205, ext. 4247


Family Resource Network logoFamily Resource Network is a nonprofit Child Placement Agency that was established in 1985 by child advocates, and moved to Colorado Springs in 1997. The CPA helps to create nurturing and safe homes for children throughout the community. The agency strives to ensure the best possible support for the children, foster parents, and biological parents served. The agency looks for potential foster and foster/adopt homes that have the patience, love, and a family-focused approach to help the children in care. The goal is family reunification—but, when that is not an option, we look for a home that best suits the needs of the children and the families served. For more information on how you can help children in our community, please call (719) 227-7477, Ext. 13.

Family Resource Network

Address: 5360 N. Academy Ste. # 130, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Phone: (719) 227-7477


Fax: (719) 227-7474

Griffith Centers for Children logoA foster and adoptive family with the Griffith Centers for Children Chins Up can expect initial and on-going training, access to a number of audio and visual continual education units, support meetings, agency hosted holiday events and celebrations, professional support, 24/7 crisis intervention, financial reimbursement, respite care, and wrap-around service options. At the Griffith Centers for Children Chins Up, the continuity of care is important. The CPA’s goal is to place foster and adoptive children with the home that best meets their needs and personalities. The CPA is looking for caring and dedicated people who love spending time enriching the lives of children, giving back to their community, and are ready to be the change they wish to see in the world. If you are ready to begin your foster and/or adoptive journey, please contact our Director of Foster Care, Maggie Petock, M.Ed., at 719-327-2013 or at the email below.

Griffith Centers for Children Chins Up

Address: 3055 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Unit C, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Phone: (719) 394-4124


Hope & Home is one of the largest, most dynamic CPAs in the state of Colorado — with hundreds of children happily adopted. Each year, the agency provides short- and long-term, in-family care to hundreds of children in crisis. At any given time, well over 100 families across the Front Range are either providing care for foster children or are in training to become licensed.

First-hand experience from a Hope & Home Parent: My husband, Rod, and I joined Hope & Home 10 years ago because we wanted to help kids in crisis and provide a permanent home to those who needed one. Six months later, we adopted our preschool foster kids Nathan and Amber. Then we fell in love with a teenager and adopted Tasha when she was 17. Finally, newborn Gracie blessed our lives. Our family was complete, and I am now a full-time soccer mom, chauffeur, cook, bedtime story-reader, homework teacher and boo-boo fixer. Over the five years that we were certified, we also took care of more than a dozen other children. Each one left footprints on our hearts! Saying goodbye was hard, but we got through it with the love and support of “Team Hope & Home.” We are no longer licensed, but we are still an active part of Hope & Home. They promise, and deliver, long-term support for all their families and kids. We love this. We are part of a community of loving, caring parents. My kids love the Summer O’ Fun picnics, campouts, and activities during support groups. When we visit, they check out the Zoondoogle Factory and Woodsum Daniel Store and inevitably end up outside at Ta’s Place, their fun, private park. During visits, I enjoy a cup of coffee at the Jericho Java coffee shop, then head upstairs to the red couch room for foster parents, where there’s a big screen TV and views of the city. Whew! Peace and quiet at last. I drink my latte and enjoy a book as the kids play outside at the park. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll work off some energy in the spacious exercise room. There is always something going on at Hope & Home. As foster parents, we are linked together through support groups, activities, newsletters and Facebook. That’s where I recently learned that Hope & Home won El Pomar Foundation’s Outstanding Service Award for the fifth year in a row! That tells you something about the quality of their program. Simply stated, if you’re looking for an agency that loves kids, supports parents and does everything with the highest standards of care, call them and say Toni sent you!

Hope & Home

Address: 4945 N. 30th St., Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Phone: (719) 575-9887


Fax: (719) 575-0553

Kids Crossing logoKids Crossing was founded by foster parents for foster parents! Kids Crossing, founded in 1992, is a private non-profit Child Placement Agency that licenses and supervises foster and foster/adopt families for children. At Kids Crossing, foster parents are appreciated for their diversity. Some of our foster parents provide short-term respite care, others have served hundreds of foster children, and other families want to grow through adoption. Some of our foster parents may be single parents, active military, working professionals, urban families or ranchers on the eastern plains. Some foster parents take teens, others only infants, and some prefer working with medically fragile children. Most importantly, all of the CPA’s foster parents are valued as integral members of a multi-disciplinary team. To find out more, please contact Sarah Bailey at (719) 667-7046 or email her at

Kids Crossing

Address: 1440 East Fountain Blvd.,Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Phone: (719) 667-7046

E-mail: or (licensing/recruitment)

Fax: (719) 632-6573

Kids Crossing FamilyKids Crossing Family Baby

A Kidz Hope Homes is a non-profit agency providing group home and foster home placements for females from birth to 21 years old. The CPA strives to provide a continuum of care for our children to encourage stability and decrease disruptions.

Address: 1401 W. Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Phone: (719) 442-1954


Fax: (719) 575-9683

Lutheran Rocky Mountain logo

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains is a faith-based human services agency providing domestic and refugee foster care and adoption services since 1948. LFS believes there is no such thing as “other people’s kids.” Through its Foster Care Program, the CPA works diligently with families to support them through the foster process and beyond. LFS provides skilled, caring substitute families for children unable to live with their birth families. The agency recruits, licenses, and oversees foster parents willing to provide a nurturing environment in their homes for children, teens or sibling groups.

Interested in learning more? A foster care information meeting is held on the first Tuesday (5:30-8:30 p.m.) and the third Thursday (3-6 p.m.) of each month at the Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains office; 108 East St. Vrain, #21.

For more information about Lutheran Family Services and our programs, please call Gwen White or Beth Kufalk at (719) 227-7571.

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains

Address: 108 East St. Vrain, #21, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Phone: (719) 227-7571


Fax: (719) 227-7583

Lutheran Rocky Mountain faces

Maple Star logoMaple Star is part of a nation-wide organization called Providence which offers services in more than 32 states. What can foster parents expect from Maple Star during their foster experience? First and foremost, Maple Star focuses on providing healing environments for the children in their care. Maple Star is the only foster care agency in the state to be trained by the Child Trauma Training Academy which has an international training process for working with children who have trauma histories.

Strengthened by 17 years of being Led by Debi Grebenik, co-author of Thriving as an Adoptive Family, Real-Life Solutions to Common Challenges, Maple Star provides an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child within a loving family. As part of the process Maple Star offers professional training before and during fostering, an opportunity to meet and share with other foster parents through a support network, support from a qualified home supervisor, and 24-hour crisis availability from Maple Star staff.

Hope and Kyle had just welcomed their first son when they decided to provide a safe home for young people in foster care, watcher their story online in this video.

Rob and Margie Williams are also foster parents with Maple Star. “People thank us for what we do. But it’s the kids who have to let us in to their lives to make a difference for them,” they said. Theie story is also online.

Maple Star is an all-encompassing agency open to families of all religions, ethnicities, and sexual orientations/identities. Confidential information is shared about the youth before he or she is accepted into the foster home. A fair rate of financial reimbursement is provided. Foster/adoptive placements are available and foster parents can expect to be treated with the same respect due any Maple Star staff person and appreciated as an integral part of the treatment team. In addition, volunteer opportunities include mentoring, community support, and event planning. For more information, please contact Patricia Dirkson at (719) 344-2140 or

Maple Star

Address: 1465 N. Union Blvd. #102, Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO 80909


Foster Care Licensing Specialist: Patricia Dirkson, or (719) 344-2140

Foster Care Director: Lisa Siminitus, or (719) 231-7401

Fax: 719.445.0841

Maple Star Family

A New World CPA is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization established to promote and support children in need of foster care placement. A New World accepts children ages 0-18. The CPA strives to encourage a positive outlook on life and deeper appreciation for oneself, through pairing children with foster homes that will promote their growth and development while in out-of-home care. The opportunity to provide children with a nurturing and stable environment during one of the most challenging times in their life is not to be taken lightly.  At A New World foster or foster/adopt parents receive training, knowledge and support including a comprehensive pre-placement orientation and training program, a case manager to support and guide you through the process, 24-hour on-call support, monthly support meetings, and ongoing training opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a foster or foster/adopt parent, please contact LCSW Ken Lingle at (719) 290-0488 or at the email below.

A New World

Address: 2140 Academy Circle, Suite A, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Phone: (719) 896-5139


Fax: (719) 896-5182

The mission of Rocky Mountain Kids, Inc., is to help boys and girls, ages 10-18 and who have been removed from their home due to abuse or neglect. Our vision is to provide a safe, therapeutic environment to work on healing the effects of abuse and neglect, and to help these kids turn their lives around. Rocky Mountain Kids, Inc. consists of four licensed group homes: Drew’s Place Jeremiah 29, Brad’s House, Nevada House and Future Bound. With over 20 years of service to teens in Colorado Springs, The teens in our programs are supported by a caring staff in a safe environment where they can heal from the abuse and neglect in their past. Additionally, these individuals are provided with the knowledge and life skills training necessary to succeed in life, whether their goal is to return home, or to emancipate and live independently. Typically, the length of stay for a teen in our Program varies from 6 months to 2 years. For more information, please call Felice Liquori at the number below.

Rocky Mountain Kids

Address: 2210 East LaSalle St, #219, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Phone: (719) 330-7244


Fax: (719) 635-3601

Special Kids Special Families logoSpecial Kids Special Families (SKSF) has been providing services to the Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak community since 1998. The SKSF Child Placement Agency is one of the leading foster care agencies in the region with unique skills and experience supporting the care and placement of foster children with special needs, including mental, emotional, behavioral and physical disabilities. While SKSF Child Placement Agency places children of all ethnicities, ages and situations, especially siblings, it is uniquely positioned as the “go-to” agency supporting foster children with disabilities due to its integration and access to the full range of SKSF programs and services (Zach’s Place respite/childcare program, Adult Day Programs, Residential Services/Foster Care for adults).

Foster families under the supervision of SKSF experience an exceptional amount of collaboration and involvement from staff members to ensure the highest level of care possible, 24 hours a day. SKSF will provide a full spectrum of support from initial introduction through specialized training, certification to placement and continual regular involvement with the foster family and child to ensure successful placements and positive outcomes. The CPA assigns a Home Supervisor to help navigate the journey of foster parenting with consistent encouragement along the way. The agency also provides short-term respite and foster-to-adopt services. Please call, email or visit its website with any questions or for additional information.

Special Kids Special Families

Address: 424 W Pikes Peak Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Phone: (719) 447-8983


Fax: (719) 447-9482

Additional Resources

Foster families and community organizations and others support foster families in many different ways. El Paso County wants to ensure all foster homes have the supports they need to help children thrive. The El Paso County Foster Parent Resource Guide has been developed to empower foster parents with a better understanding of our community supports.

Please remember Health First Colorado (Medicaid) is an important benefit for the foster children in your care. Like health insurance, it can be used to ensure medical and mental health needs are addressed.  Go to if you want a list of Medicaid approved providers. As of July, there will be a new network of providers.

An El Paso County committee continues to meet to gain new insights into programming which will enhance foster parent success in helping children on their healing journeys.