Adoption creates supportive, loving families

Each year, the Department of Human Services Adoption Unit completes approximately 100 adoptions. There are many children and teens in Colorado who are waiting for a family. Children and teens waiting for adoption share a lot of common ground with any child or teen you may know.

The Colorado Heart Gallery offers information about the children in Colorado looking for a family. Some information about El Paso County Children is below. Based on the belief that every child needs a safe, nurturing, and caring family, the El Paso County Department of Human Services and others are strongly committed to finding permanent homes for waiting children. For more information or questions, please email the El Paso County Adoption Unit at

Several Children in El Paso County are Waiting for a Family

Jaedin's Waiting Children PhotoMeet Jaedin!

Jaedin enjoys playing with toys. Jaedin also likes listening to sing-along songs. Jaedin is keen on other children and dogs. He plays in an adaptive baseball league in the summer; he is wheeled around the bases and cherishes spending time at play.

An involved, supportive and attentive family who loves him for who he is would provide the best home for Jaedin.

For more information, send an email to

JeremiahMeet Jeremiah!

Jeremiah (age 14) is in the 8th grade. He enjoys keeping busy and hands-on activities.

Jeremiah has a sibling who he would like to remain in contact with following placement.

For more information, send an email to

Josiah's Waiting Children PhotoMeet Josiah!

Josiah enjoys playing with trucks, cars, and bulldozers. He likes arts and crafts, riding in the car, and being at the

For more information, send an email to

Ondry's Waiting Children PhotoMeet Ondry!

Ondry is 15 years old. He enjoys watching movies. He is described as fun and charming. Pizza is his
favorite food. He is respectful and likes to help around the house.

For more information, send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in adoption. How can I get started?

El Paso County’s Department of Human Services contracts with Child Placement Agencies (CPAs) in the area for adoptive homes as well as foster care and group home care. For more information please contact the CPA directly. All are listed on the Foster Care webpage.

My adopted child is asking questions about his/her biological parents. How can we get in touch with them?

If your child was adopted through El Paso County Department of Human Services, we may be able to assist in locating biological parents. We often receive and send messages back and forth between adoptive and biological parents. If your child was adopted elsewhere, we have a packet of materials we can send you that may assist in locating biological parents. You can also inquire through the Colorado Confidential Intermediary Program (303) 237-6919.

If I have had guardianship of my grandchild, how do I pursue adoption?

In El Paso County, there is a clinic held at the courthouse (270 S. Tejon St.) once a month that you can attend to learn how to proceed on your own in the adoption process. This clinic will give you information regarding required paperwork and the process to adopt. There is also a self-help room on the first floor of the courthouse. Another option is to consult with an attorney to assist in the process. The only adoptions that the Department of Human Services completes are those that have an open service case (not Temporary Assistance for Needy Families/TANF cases) within the Department.

How can I get a copy of my birth certificate?

In general you may obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate by writing or visiting the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the state where you were born. There are a few online resources for information: National Center for Health Statistics or Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. Costs, requirements and processes vary. If you were born in El Paso County, the number for Vital Records is (719) 575-8492. The Birth & Death portion of the Public Health Department website provides some information.

More Information About Adoption